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Intramembranous Bone Formation

Intramembranous bone formation
  1. Define intramembranous bone formation
  2. Describe intramembranous bone formation
  3. List sites of intramembranous bone formation
Intramembranous bone formation occurs at the periosteal surfaces of all bones and in parts of the skull, pelvis, scapula, and clavicles. Osteoblasts form subperiosteally, or when mesenchymal cells are induced to differentiate into osteoblasts. The osteoblasts form a matrix on the existing bony scaffold which calcifies and then ossifies, just as with enchondral ossification. The resulting growth is appositional, however, with intramembranous ossification rather than longitudinal. Osteoclastic activity on the deep side of the cortex remodels the bone with growth.

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