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Children's Orthopedics in Underserved Regions (COUR)

The COUR Committee educates the membership of the Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA) about opportunities to enhance the delivery of orthopaedic care for children worldwide through both education and service. Read More …

What’s New

Fellowship Opportunity in Tanzania
Children’s Orthopedics Education for Developing Nations (COEDN) invites active and retired pediatric orthopedic surgeons to “teach the teachers” in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. This unique, sustainable program will commence September 15, 2015 and run for a year. We are booking volunteer surgeons for 3-4 week assignments.

Open Positions at CURE
CURE has three additional staffing needs, all in Ethiopia. All three opportunities are long-term, paid expatriate positions. Also open to secondment arrangements, where appropriate.

Pediatric Orthopedic Volunteer Opportunity in Port au Prince, Haiti
Pediatric orthopaedic teams invited to volunteer for missions to Adventist Hospital in Port au Prince. There are orthopedic clinics three times weekly, including a clubfoot clinic, and surgery days twice weekly. Additional surgery days can be scheduled, if you desire. Your team should consist of at least the following: anesthesiologist, OR nurse, and Recovery Room nurse.

Haiti Disaster Relief
We are all deeply saddened by the recent catastrophe in Haiti, and POSNA wishes to summarize some opportunities to help the countless individuals injured in the earthquake. While the information available is limited at this early stage, we have identified organizations that you can contact and volunteer your expertise. Members may also discuss within their institutions whether provisions can be made to accept transfer of patients for more chronic care if the situation arises. We will plan to send other emails as more information becomes available.

Africa Mercy Hospital Ship Volunteer Opportunity
Due to recent reports from the region of West Africa on the threat of Ebola, Mercy Ships has decided to delay the departure of the Africa Mercy hospital ship from the shipyard in the Canary Islands to Cotonou, Benin. This will allow Mercy Ships to monitor the situation in the region and assess the feasibility of a safe field service in Benin.  Don Stephens, Mercy Ships President and Founder, has reiterated that “the safety of our crew is the most important element in this decision.  Mercy Ships remains committed to our continued service to the forgotten poor in Africa.” Delaying our departure will require us to adjust our sailing and surgical schedule. Mercy Ships will be evaluating the situation in Benin.  As soon as the assessment has been completed, which may include a change in field service location, we will be able to clearly define our staffing needs and see what changes we need to make to our staffing plans. Please keep this opportunity in mind as more information will be coming as soon as we are updated on this issue.

COUR International Educational Scholarship
The goal of this project is to have 4-6 orthopedic surgeons from underserved regions attend the POSNA meeting and associated social events free of charge, on an annual basis under the guidance of POSNA, and to facilitate short term visit of the visiting scholar to pediatric orthopedic centers in North America by identifying interested local hosts / institutions. Applicants should be practicing orthopedic surgeons from an underserved region, and dedicate a significant percentage of their practice to the care of children. Each candidate must be nominated by a POSNA sponsor, and must not have received a POSNA COUR fellowship during the past 5 years.

The Children’s Orthopedics in Underserved Regions committee would like to call for nominations for our Visiting Scholars Program.

Interested in COUR Related Volunteer Opportunities?
The COUR (Children’s Orthopaedics in Underdeveloped Regions) committee would like to know your level of interest in various opportunities pertaining to pediatric orthopedic education in underdeveloped regions around the world. In order to avoid sending multiple e-mails to all members, we are developing a list of members who may be interested in some or all COUR related activities. To facilitate aligning your interest with the current and future volunteer opportunities available, please answer the brief questionnaire.

COUR International Outreach Course Application
COUR encourages POSNA members to initiate and develop international outreach courses. These are generally a cooperative effort between a POSNA member and a local host surgeon.

Hospitals for International Observers
A list of hospitals willing to have international visitors come to observe several different subspecialites. Points of contact are listed for each hospital.

Tips and Creative Solutions of the Trade
An international forum in which to exchange collective insights, innovations, and approaches to problems encountered in our work in resource-poor environments. The vision is to have a resource that allows entry, retrieval and dissemination of creative solutions to commonly encountered problems, regardless of one’s location in the world.

Download COUR Materials
(Restricted to members only)
The COUR committee has collected educational materials which will be posted for members use, including powerpoint lectures and materials from COUR symposia at the annual meeting. POSNA members will enter the private section, and will be able to download the materials for their adaptation and use.

Interactive POSNA COUR map of the world
The interactive COUR map of the world represents a catalogue of POSNA member’s experiences overseas. Those visiting this section of the site will be able to click on a country or region, and be able to see which POSNA members have been there, what they have done, and to learn from their experiences. Each year, POSNA members are polled via a mass email to update experiences of the membership. This is presented as a poster at the yearly meeting, and the data is integrated into the COUR interactive map.

Tell Us About Your Trip!
(COUR) would like to hear from those POSNA members who have either done some teaching or offered direct medical care to children in low or middle income countries. The information gathered will be used to construct a poster to be presented at the annual meeting. Login with your POSNA username and password, click on 'COUR', then click on 'Submit New Report' (under COUR Outreach on the left-hand navigation menu).

Scoliosis Research Society Global Outreach Program (SRS GOP)
The Scoliosis Research Society Global Outreach Program (SRS GOP) provides care to pediatric and adult patients in underserved regions of the world with any disorder that affects the shape, alignment, and function of the spine. We foster the development of regional, self-sufficient spine centers staffed by local physicians capable of providing continuing care to patients with spinal deformities.

2013 Annual Meeting

May 1-4, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario

Pediatric Orthopaedic Study Guide Updated

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