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Charitable Giving to POSNA

Charitable Giving to POSNA

POSNA Direct Fund: 100% of your money goes straight to POSNA. The Board of Directors may allocate POSNA Direct funds to help POSNA accomplish a variety of educational, research and patient care efforts, as well as to maximize long-term viability of POSNA. This donation gives POSNA maximal flexibility to serve both future and present needs.

As POSNA members, we are known for our generosity. We would like you to consider directing your generous philanthropy towards POSNA this year-end. Donations to POSNA will help POSNA accomplish the things most important to our members: education, patient care initiatives and research. Although POSNA is currently on stable financial footing, there is a very real possibility that our industry support will wane quickly in the near future.

Levels of Support:

  • Bronze ≥ $100 donation
  • Silver ≥ $1000 donation
  • Gold ≥ $5000

POSNA will acknowledge all levels and pathways of support of our mission through POSNA Direct, OREF/POSNA Annual Giving (Order of Merit), OREF/POSNA Endowment (Shands Circle), and the Kuo Endowment. POSNA will recognize cumulative giving across all these funds with the following levels of support:

Contributing: $10,000—$24,999
Sustaining: $25,000—$49,999
Presidents: $50,000—$99,999
Founders: $100,000--$499,999
Legends: $500,000--$999,999
Legend Elite: $1,000,000+

OREF Annual Giving Campaign designating POSNA for the gift: Money may be partially designated to the specialty society (or societies) of your choice. Those who contribute $1000 or more receive Order of Merit recognition. $500 benefits the OREF mission and the remainder can be designated as you wish (POSNA ). New this year, 50% of contributions less than $1000 can now be designated to POSNA. POSNA spends annual giving contributions on research and educational activities in the year following the donation.

OREF Endowment Fund designating POSNA for the gift: Money to an endowment spins off “proceeds” from the investments that can be utilized in an ongoing fashion. The gifted dollars remain to earn money (approx 3-5% of the donation/year) for current and ongoing spending needs. This is where Shands Circle contributions are held.

Annual Meeting

April 27 30, 2016
JW Marriott Indianapolis, Indiana

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